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Jake's Farmstead Bangalore - Camping Expedition

Jake's Farmstead is a beautiful farm space spread-out into 56 acres of land located in the outskirts of Bangalore.

There are 3 beautiful villas each have got 2 bed rooms with King size beds, 2 spacious private wash rooms & living space villas span over 400 sqmtrs, which has a capacity to take maximum upto 20 pax in each villas.

It is a perfect getaway from stressful work life in a metropolitan city like Bengaluru. Ideal location for corporate events, team gatherings & romantic getaways. This is more like a destination with 2 natural ponds, various plantations, cattle farms, acres of forest lands, hills views, mountains, view points, swimming pool, villas, party space & ruins of an old fort. It is just 50 kilometers from Electronic city & 52 Kilometers from white field.

Jake’s Farmstead is the perfect location which itself is a destination with all what it needs to escape into nature. 56 Acres of farm land caters for all requirements like Corporate gatherings, Team building activities, Individual getaways, Camping etc - Forest lands, Mountains, Natural ponds, Caves, vivid plantations, English Mansions & Cattle farms are ready to host more than 100 guest on a daily basis.

Camping Expedition by Avay

₹ 2,000.00

  • * Outskirts of banglore
  • * 52 kilometers from banglore
  • * Welcome Drinks
  • * Dinner
  • * Campfire
  • * Cave trekking
  • * Property and Forest trek
  • * Breakfast
  • * Scenic and serene experience
  • * Fully secured camping with its best experience
  • * Animal spotting

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